Iconfit MSM Collagen + Vitamin C 800 grams


ICONFIT MSM Collagen together with vitamin C is a food supplement developed and produced in Estonia. We have combined the best properties of our hugely popular hydrolyzed collagen and MSM and added 500 mg of vitamin C for the best effect and absorption. This combination works even better than all of its approved ingredients alone and is ideal for both joint pain and the health of your hair, nails and skin.

Available as an unflavoured mix to add to a smoothie, food or drink, as well as flavored (Cranberry, Watermelon) drink mixes that you can easily mix and enjoy with water. Packed in our new airtight and nature-friendly cardboard jar, which also contains a measuring spoon for accurate and convenient dosing.


Hydrolysed Collagen

Collagen has emerged in recent years as one of the world’s most valued supplements. It is produced from animal raw materials using natural processes. Known for its extremely useful properties – it protects the joints and helps to restore them faster, improves the elasticity and durability of bones, helps to form a high-quality structure of muscle tissues. Collagen is also world-famous for improving skin elasticity and anti-wrinkle effects. Easily digestible, allergy-free and very well absorbed by the body.



MSM is an organic sulfur compound (not to be confused with MMS!) Methylsulfonylmethane found naturally in plants, animals and the human body. MSM has also been the subject of several scientific studies that have helped relieve joint pain and had a very good effect on hair and skin. Its “super property” is to relieve inflammatory and allergic processes in the body, and its detox properties help to remove toxins from the body.

Scientific studies have shown very good results when 100 over 50s were tried. the person was given MSM daily for 12 weeks and the other group received only placebo – the group receiving MSM resulted in reduced joint pain, better mobility and reduced joint swelling.


Vitamin C

This important ingredient may not need a separate introduction for many – we added 500 mg of vitamin C because it contributes very well to the effect and absorption of MSM in particular. Naturally, this vitamin is found in countless berries and fruits, but often people in the Nordic countries do not get enough of it from their regular diet. Thus, in our recipe, vitamin C plays an important role both in enhancing the beneficial effects of MSM and in maintaining healthy vitamin levels.

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