Iconfit Isotonic Sports Drink Powder 1 kg


ICONFIT Isotonic Sports Drink Powder is the ideal rapidly absorbed thirst-quencher that replenishes fluids and energy. ICONFIT Isotonic contains carbohydrates, electrolytes and several vitamins. An extra boost of carbohydrates during exercise improves both endurance and performance and delays the onset of fatigue.  All these ingredients are essential during intensive training. The powder is easily dissolved in water, allowing you to quickly prepare an isotonic drink. When should you use ICONFIT Isotonic Sports Drink Powder?

  • Use this product during endurance training to replenish your energy reserves. Our body loses mineral salts and water during workouts. Dehydration can lead to a decrease in performance, which is why it is essential to consume isotonic drinks that keep you hydrated and replenish carbohydrates and electrolytes.
  • Perfect thirst-quencher.
  • For rapid recovery, you should also use this product after exercise to restore glycogen and mineral stores.
  • This product is especially suitable for hard-training athletes, long-distance runners, marathon runners, as well as people with increased daily physical activity. In addition, this sports drink is ideal if you are training or competing in hot weather.

Available in three delicious flavours – orange, grapefruit, and cranberry.

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