Iconfit Immunity Komplekss Imunitātei 200 grams

ID: ICO010



ICONFIT Immunity Superfoods is a mixture of superfoods produced in Estonia to strengthen the immune system. Contains 5 powerful natural superfoods rich in vitamins and health-promoting micronutrients and a lot of good chaga from Estonian forests.

Natural Chaga from Estonian forests has been used in folk medicine to strengthen immunity. Immunity is also supported by blackcurrants, which are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, baobab (ie monkey breadfruit) fruit with its vitamins and minerals, and one of the world’s highest vitamin C berries, sea buckthorn.


Chaga is an immune booster and body cleanser known from Estonian forests and folk medicine.

Blackcurrants are Estonia’s own superfood rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.

Baobab (monkey breadfruit) fruits are rich in vitamins B and C and calcium, iron and magnesium.

Sea buckthorn is a growing superfood in Estonia that contains 7x more vitamin C than lemon.

Pea protein adds a useful vegetable protein to the smoothie. It is easily digestible and full of useful amino acids.

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