Iconfit HydroBEEF Isolate 1 kg


ICONFIT HydroBEEF + Isolate gives you only the best and most beneficial parts of beef – it is the perfect protein derived from natural beef completely hormone-free. The advantage of this product is a cleaner production process without any chemicals. Instead, high pressure and temperature are used to obtain the necessary useful parts by hydrolysis. After several hydrolysis and filtration steps, the resulting mass is dried to produce HydroBEEF +, which retains all the necessary nutrients, peptides, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Thanks to a special developed production process, it is easy for you to digest and dissolves and is absorbed quickly.

HydroBEEF + in unflavoured form contains a massive 97% protein! It is low in calories, fat and zero carbs. In addition, it is easier to digest and acquire than, for example, whey protein from milk. In the flavored variants, we have also added the fiber-rich Oraft ™ inulin from chicory root, which is useful for digestion, and we tasted the mixture super tasty!


HydroBEEF + is a multi-step peptide form and contains heaps of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), leucine, isoleucine and valine, which are essential for muscle growth and development. BCAA helps reduce muscle fatigue during exercise, provides energy to muscle cells and therefore speeds up recovery after exercise. Scientific studies have also compared beef protein with milk-derived proteins and showed that the animals in the test gained more muscle mass with beef protein than with milk proteins. And even if they were given less protein from beef! HydroBEEF + is a whole new level of evolution in post-workout recovery and muscle building!

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