Iconfit Evening Primrose Seed Oil 500mg 90 capsules

ID: ICO122



ICONFIT Evening Primrose Seed Oil 1000 mg is a natural source of gammalinolenic acid (GLA), a useful omega-6 fatty acid. It also contains vitamin E, which helps protect cells from oxidative stress. Helps alleviate the ailments and problems associated with the menstrual cycle. Helps maintain skin and connective tissue health and helps balance hormones. Protects weak bones from developing osteoporosis. Peruvian milk oil contains important fatty acids, including gamma-linolenic acid, which the body cannot produce on its own.

For postmenopausal women to reduce the deficiencies of PMS
For women who have problems during their menstrual cycle
For people with dry skin
Useful for both men and women in terms of skin youth
For people with chronic fatigue
For people who want to support the nervous system
For people who need an elevated GLA
ICONFIT capsules do not contain artificial additives, chemicals, preservatives or dyes and do not contain GMOs.

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