Iconfit Diet Shake 715 grams


ICONFIT Diet Shake – Unique high-protein recipe for better results! We developed this market leading recipe after we say the problems and unnecessary stuff that most companies put into their meal replacements. What we did was to increase the protein levels to 40%, added premium slow-release energy source from Palatinose™, prebiotic Orafti® fibres from chicory root, green tea extract and 23 vitamins-minerals. And what makes these shakes very special is the fact there are no artificial colourants or stabilisers! Just pure premium quality with essential nutrients!

ICONFIT Diet Shake replaces a regular high-calorie meal with a delicious low calorie (200kcal) shake. Well-balanced recipe with protein, fibres and energy keeps you going for hours while keeping the calorie intake at a minimum. This is a scientifically provem method for effective weightloss and also the most pleasant and simple way.

Our high protein recipe has 23 vitamins and minerals to make sure your body still gets these nutrients while dieting. Unique slow-release energy source  Palatinose™ avoids a quick energy kick that passes as fast and supplies energy for hours. 

Prebiotic fibre Orafti® keeps you feeling full and green tea extract to help burn fat. Mix 55g of meal replacement powder in a shaker with 250-300ml water. Shake well until complete and even solubility and consume within minutes. Make sure to also keep at least 1 healthy regular meal in your daily menu (women 800kcal, men 1000kcal). If feeling hungry then add a few healthy snacks to your menu.

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