Iconfit Deep Sleep 320 grams


ICONFIT Deep Sleep is a blend developed in Estonia to improve sleep quality. It is based on natural chamomile (500mg / serving) and valerian (500mg / serving) extracts, which have shown very good results in improving the quality of sleep. Our daily lives are often stressful and that is why it is especially important to rest well at night. However, more and more people have difficulty falling asleep at night, and if they fall asleep, the deepest sleep phase is not reached for a long enough time. However, one Deep Sleep drink in the evening 30 minutes before bedtime helps to improve the quality of sleep.

Why is Deep Sleep Powder better than capsules?

Deep Sleep powder mixture has been developed in Estonia and contains a sufficient amount of plant extracts necessary for good sleep. Chamomile extract 500mg and valerian extract 500mg = a decent 1000mg in total! However, most of the foreign capsules offered elsewhere in Estonia and in pharmacies contain only 100 mg-300 mg, and you should consume quite a few for the desired good sleep. Our good sleep mixture can make a delicious sleeping drink and achieve a better result.

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