Iconfit Collagen + Vitamin C 300 grams

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Highly prized collagen now with added vitamin C to boost absorption in the body – according to research, 10 g of collagen daily produces the greatest effects. Collagen is known for its extremely beneficial properties. It protects the joints and accelerates joint regeneration, increases the elasticity and strength of bones, and is a major structural component of muscle tissue. In addition, collagen is famed for improving skin elasticity and preventing wrinkles.

Easy to digest, allergen-free, and well-absorbed by the body. Perfect for mixing into food, smoothies, or drinks.

Quality and chemical treatment

ICONFIT collagen is produced using a unique chemical-free process. Some products have emerged on the Baltic market that are priced slightly lower than ICONFIT’s acclaimed collagen products. However, the marginally lower price of these products is achieved through a production process that involves chemical treatment and yields a less pure product with a collagen content of only 80–90% and 10–20% impurities. This can easily be spotted by checking the protein content under the nutritional information for the product (collagen is a protein). Our unflavoured Collagen + Vitamin C blend contains 95% collagen and therefore 95% protein. The remaining 5% of the product is all vitamin C.

Beware of any collagen products where no information is provided about the production methods and the level of purity, as these are usually produced using a cheaper process that utilises acids and other chemicals! ICONFIT collagen is produced using a unique chemical-free process that yields a virtually 100% pure product, which is also reflected in the protein content.

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