Iconfit Collagen Coffee Creamer 300 grams

ID: ICO075

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ICONFIT Collagen Coffee Creamer is our new and already popular collagen-enriched coffee creamer. This delicious blend combines the highest-quality collagen (10 g per serving), marvellous coconut milk, and the staple of all the best coffee drinking experiences – milk. Add to your morning cup of coffee for a creamy, delicious, and vanilla-infused start to your day with the full daily dose of collagen your body needs.

This new collagen product was developed especially for coffee lovers. We care about the quality of our collagen, which is why our products use unique collagen that has been produced through a chemical-free process. Most collagens in the world are produced using acids and chemicals, which does not yield a very high degree of purity, yet this is never indicated on the packaging. You can always trust the quality of ICONFIT’s collagen, because it is produced using a 100% chemical-free process!

According to one popular myth, collagen should not be added to coffee, because the heat will ruin its effectiveness. Fortunately, this claim is entirely untrue, as collagen can easily be heated up to as much as 200 °C. In fact, it is even produced at high temperatures. Thus, it is perfectly fine to even add collagen to a hot cup of coffee, because coffee is never hotter than 100 °C.

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