Iconfit Collagen 300 grams

ID: ICO048

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Highly rated collagen is now available in perfectly pure form – scientific studies have shown that for best effect we need to consume 10g of collagen per day. Collagen is known for its extremely useful properties. Protects the joints and helps to restore them faster, improves the elasticity and durability of bones, helps to form a high-quality structure of muscle tissues. Collagen is also world-famous for improving skin elasticity and anti-wrinkle effects.

Easily digestible, allergy-free and very well absorbed by the body. With its neutral taste and smell, it is well suited for mixing with various foods, smoothies and drinks.


Some products have appeared on the Estonian market that claim to be cheaper than ICONFIT’s acclaimed pure collagen. However, their cheap price is achieved by using a cheaper ingredient in addition and the collagen content of the product is therefore lower. If some products contain e.g. 80% protein / protein level (collagen is pure protein) then this means that the rest of the product has approx. 20% other cheap stuffed ingredients. However, ICONFIT hydrolysed collagen is a pure product that does not use any other cheaper additives.

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