Iconfit Chaga Tea 300 grams


ICONFIT Chaga tea is a natural blend of tea with chaga (or birch sponge) and berries to strengthen the immune system. It is a delicious tea blend that is easy to make with a tea strainer or a squeezing cup and that makes the use of otherwise bitter chaga a pleasant experience. Only natural ingredients and no added grams of sugar.

Only natural ingredients and flavors. A tasty and pleasant tea drink for your immunity.
In combination with prebiotic inulin (natural chicory root) and digestive berries.
Drink 1 delicious Chaga tea every day and strengthen your immune system with it.
Not a gram of added sugar. Slightly sweet from natural prebiotic inulin.


How to use Iconfit Chaga Tea?
3 teaspoons Chaga, prepare the mixture in a press cup or tea strainer. Add hot water, allow to infuse and enjoy 1-2 times a day.

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