Gaspari ZM Complex 90 capsules

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Gaspari ZM Complex is a sensational combination of vitamin B6, magnesium and zinc – a simple and effective formula. A huge dose of zinc in the form of easily digestible amino acid chelates and 450 mg of magnesium. This portion covers 200% of your daily zinc needs.

The American brand GASPARI ZMA complex will improve the quality of your sleep and speed up recovery. It supports immunity, which will prevent training interruptions that may be associated with infections. It supports the maintenance of proper energy metabolism and the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 are very important components of the human diet used by athletes. They have a positive effect on reducing fatigue, help ensure adequate sleep duration and proper recovery after training. It is recommended for people who train.

ZMA with a high dose of zinc in an easily digestible form – 200% of the required amount
zinc in the form of an amino acid chelate combined with L-methionine and aspartate
450 mg of magnesium per serving
improves sleep quality – faster recovery after training
supports the immune system
better condition of hair, skin and nails
stabilizes the endocrine system
better hormone synthesis and improving the quality of male substances
increased strength
helps to gain dry, lean muscle mass
invaluable support for night-time recovery
effective and simple ingredient “trinity” – zinc, magnesium + vitamin B6
top quality ingredients from the famous GASAPRI brand

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