FA Napalm Pre-Contest Pumped 350 grams


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Napalm Pre-Contest Pumped from the Fitness Authority is a really stable pre-workout mix. It contains important amino acids, stimulants and nootropic plant extracts, which have a positive effect on concentration and memory. This product is recommended for athletes who want to increase strength and endurance during exercise and who want to increase the intensity of training. Napalm, thanks to the presence of beta alanine and citrulline, supports the operation of the muscle pump.

Napalm Pre-Contest Pumped contains a high dose of beta alanine, which increases muscle strength and endurance, has a positive effect on training ability and supports the fight against fatigue. In turn, citrulline in the form of malate is a nitrogen booster, which acts as a muscle pumping effect, increasing muscle strength and performance. The betaine in the product improves the load parameters. Tyrosine supports muscle endurance and theanine supports weight loss.

Napalm Pre-Contest Pumped is a large portion of caffeine designed to stimulate the body, improve reflexes, add energy and improve concentration. This is one of the most effective and popular stimulants. The pre-workout choline supports proper metabolism, and its alpha-GPC form has a significant effect on training intensity. Another substance – glucuronolactone, supports the elimination of toxins from the body.

Pre-workout mixture with ashwagandha

The FA supplement contains several plant extracts. Ashwagandha improves physical activity and helps to fight stress effectively. Rhodiola Rosea reduces fatigue and has a positive effect on mood. Cayenne pepper and black pepper extracts provide energy and support fat burning, and Ginkgo biloba has a positive effect on the mind. Vitamin B6 and niacin support the fight against fatigue. Bacopa monnieri extract supports brain function and muscle regeneration.

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