Ecomedica Desinfectant Gel 60% Alcohol 150 ml

ID: ECO001

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Keep your protection at hand

If your motto is safety and protection in every situation, then EkoMedica disinfecting gel is perfect for you. Its capacity is so small that you can take it anywhere. You put it in your pocket, purse or backpack and you can stop being afraid. Just apply it on your hands, grease it thoroughly and voilà! Your hands are clean and safe without rinsing!

Do you also put hygiene and safety first?

Surely you, like me, go to work, school, college or shopping. When you travel, you often touch foreign objects. Never, we are not sure what the state of hygiene of people who held the handrail or touched the door handle was before us. Therefore, it is worth carrying a hand disinfectant gel with antibacterial effect. You don’t need water to rinse it, so you have clean hands right away and you can eat a hot dog out of town without fear!

If you’ve ever used this type of products before, then you know that many of them cause the skin to dry out. EkoMedica contained an additive of moisturizing aloe and panthenol. Thanks to that your hands will not be so rough and dry.

For the sake of myself and my loved ones

Refreshing antibacterial hand gel

  • Enriched with aloe and panthenol for a moisturizing effect
  • Optimal size, easy to carry
  • You do not need to use water to rinse it
  • It will protect you against bacteria

Get rid of dirt and germs

Carrying a preparation with which we can disinfect our hands is very important. Virtually never getting up, we don’t know what will happen to us and how our day will go. And locating a bathroom where you can wash your hands thoroughly is not always easy. Therefore, to be ready for anything, it is worth carrying this small product from Eko Medica.

Usage: Apply a small amount to your hands and grease. Do not rinse.