Cheat Meal Cooking Spray 250 ml Coconut Oil

ID: CHE006
8.90 6.89


8.90 6.89

The fact that the product is in the form of an aerosol makes it not only easy to use, but also accurate. There is no fear that you will get dirty during this, just remove the lid and press the sprayer and spread the coconut oil over a cool container.

The product from Cheat Meal Nutrition has a very good shelf life and a higher burning temperature, so it is perfect for fried dishes. It is also a very interesting product because it is suitable for both people on a diet and those who want to provide energy from fat. Accurate dosing will allow you to control calories, and at the same time you can add it to other foods, giving your body a lot of strength.

MCT oil is very suitable for diet reduction also because it is a source of energy without carbohydrates. In other words, it supports the fight against unnecessary fat accumulation. Therefore, with regular use, you can lose the pounds you have been fighting for a long time.

Contains MCT oil, which is perfect for a ketogenic diet
It is very easy to use
This is a good addition to coffee
Thanks to the aerosol shape, it facilitates accurate oil dosing
It is a source of medium chain fatty acids
This is useful for dieters

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