BWG Ultra Glutamine Pure 500g

ID: BWG005

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High quality L-Glutamine Powder (Micronized)? additionally optimized with vitamin B6.
Very good solubility (fine-grained) and degree of purity HPLC certified? Tasteless.
Ideal for endurance, fitness, leisure and strength athletes, as well as for bodybuilders.
Free from artificial additives or impurities.
Premium product? Made in Germany.
Product Information
BWG Ultra L-Glutamine is a 100% micronized – micronized glutamine powder with an optimized absorption and a very high degree of purity. BWG Ultra L-Glutamine is particularly suitable for ambitious athletes because it is ideal for muscle and strength building phases, as well as for definition and regeneration phases. BWG Ultra L-Glutamine is a very high quality amino acid supplement.

Glutamine is one of the most important amino acids and is therefore indispensable for the adaptation of muscle tissue and the storage of organic nitrogen.

Due to the neutral taste and the absence of colors and additives, the powder is ideal for mixing with other products such as protein shakes or gainers.

Recommended intake
Dissolve 5g a day corresponding to a teaspoon of L-glutamine (s) + B6 with 100ml of water and drink.

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