Bounty Plant Protein 420 grams

ID: MAR021

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Mars surprised us with all-sorts of our favourite chocolate candy bars infused with added protein, then they did the same but in protein powder format. However Mars have finally made the step into the world of #VEGAINZ folks! Hi-Protein Plant Based Bounty Protein Powder has arrived, that’s right – vegan friendly protein powder in delicious decadent dark choc coconut flavour! If whey is NOT the ‘whey to go’ for you then look no further than this little novelty delight containing 10g protein per serving and exploding with tasty tropical coconut Bounty-style flavour!

We LOVE a cheeky Bounty bar, whilst they’re not for everyone – they’re a marmite type situation, you either LOVE the coconut orrr it’s a no go! But if the flavours of deep ‘n rich dark chocolate + sweet satisfying coconut sound like a dream come true then get involved on exactly that when these flavours come together to create a guilt-free high protein shake!

If you’re dodging dairy and Bounty has been your forever nemesis then look no further. Bounty Plant Protein offers delicious choccy coconut flavour with a twist of real authentic coconut-cream like goodness without the excessive amounts of sugar and absolutely no dairy! Have the INCREDIBLE taste of a Bounty BarWITHOUT the badness!! For an even more authentic coconutty flavour blend up with coconut-milk. This tasty shake from Mars is the PERFECT way to settle those sweet cravings whilst also helping you hit your protein intake for the day!!

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