Body Attack Low Carb Protein Shake 500ml


The Low Carb* Protein Shake by Body is a delicious ready-to-serve drink with a protein content of 50 g per bottle. The skimmed milk-based Protein Shake is particularly suited to athletes whose training content and intensity induces an elevated protein metabolism – for instance strength athletes seeking to build up muscle.

But people in a phase of diet and who prefer low fat or low carb nutrition can also benefit from the delicious flavoured milk drinks made by Body Attack.

Product highlights:

  • Ready-to-serve drink
  • Aspartame-free
  • High-protein (50 g per bottle)
  • Low-carb*
  • Low-fat

The body needs more protein in order to create and preserve muscle mass during phases of build-up and diet. This is why it is important to take special care during these phases that the body receives sufficient quantities of dietary proteins.

The Low Carb* Protein Shake by Body Attack can be used quickly and simply as a light snack and has a very low carbohydrate content compared with milk-based protein powders. The high-quality biological proteins found in the shake can contribute to building up and preserving muscle mass. Strength athletes especially require more protein when building up muscles.

The Low Carb* Protein Shake delivers just 2 g fat and 24 g carbohydrate per bottle and is therefore ideally suited to a low-fat or low-carb nutrition intended to shed excess body weight and body fat.

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