Applied Pro CBD Drops 30ml


CBD Oil is one of the newest and most intriguing tools for athletes in the quest to maximise results. Recently authorised for treatment by the NHS, the multitude of benefits for athletes are gradually being uncovered.

Pro CBD Drops has been formulated to deliver enhanced recovery, improved rest, reduce stress and aid in weight management. Does that sound impressive? It is.

Derived from the cannabis plant, Pro CBD Drops doesn’t contain THC, the main chemical in cannabis that has a psychoactive effect – I.E. gets you high. CBD Oil on the other hand is Cannabidiol, and is one of the many compounds found in the Cannabis plant.


  • Enhanced Recovery – The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil helps combat muscular and joint pain, while improving the quality of your recovery.
  • Superior Rest Quality – As we discussed in an article recently: Sleep is the most important supplement you need. While in low doses CBD can help you feel mildly energised. In moderate to larger doses CBD Oil helps promote natural sleeping habits and improved REM sleep quality without drowsiness the next day. The result? Superior sleep quality.
  • Calm, Focussed Mind – CBD oil helps keep you calm and focussed on your goals without impeding cognition. A number of studies have shown it’s anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties making it the ideal tool during stressful performance days. When stress levels are elevated CBD oil helps you remain on the ball!
  • Weight Management – While THC, the more infamous chemical in cannabis elevates appetite, giving you a fine case of the munchies, CBD alleviates appetite and staves off hunger making especially useful for maintaining weight or cutting.
  • Free from THC – Depending on your viewpoint, this could be a good thing or a bad thing. If you’re an athlete this is definitely a good thing!

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