Activlab ProCreative Woman 30 portions

ID: AL031



ProCreative WOMAN Activlab Pharma provides key nutrients such as L-carnitine, acetyl L-carnitine, L-arginine, N-acetylcysteine, vitamins and minerals that play an important role in supporting physiological processes related to female fertility:

  • support normal hormonal activity and ovulation (vitamin B6)
  • they protect eggs from oxidative stress and provide essential energy components (vitamin C, zinc, copper, selenium)
  • are involved in the process of cell division (vitamin B12, iron, folic acid, zinc)
  • help maintain normal fertility and normal reproductive function (* zinc).

ProCreative WOMAN Activlab Pharma is recommended for all women of childbearing age who want to improve their fertility and increase their chances of getting pregnant.

It is recommended to take the product from four to six months.

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