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Creatine Powder Super  by Activlab is a product containing Creatine. It is an organic chemical compound that contains the structural elements of guanidine and acetic acid. In animal organisms, it is formed during metabolism and occurs mainly in muscles and tendons. It undergoes phosphorylation with the use of the enzyme creatine kinase, transforming into phosphocreatine.

Creatine is used to store and release energy necessary for many chemical processes that take place in cells, including the synthesis of muscle proteins. Increasing the level of creatine in the body is used to test the filtration capacity of the kidneys.

In humans, keratin is found in the muscles  and accounts for 98% of the total body content. Small amounts of this compound are also found in the kidneys, brain, liver and testes.

The daily requirement of a person weighing 70 kg is 2 g. However, it should be remembered that 1 g of this compound is synthesized by organisms from amino acids, while the remaining amount should be supplied with food. The best sources of creatine are, of course, meat and fish.

Using creatine as a dietary supplement increases lean muscle mass and helps muscles to recover faster. Taking large amounts of this substance helps athletes to perform better. It increases energy and increases efficiency, which makes this supplement popular among football players, hockey players, wrestlers and gymnasts. It is also praised by weight lifters and runners. Research shows that it also helps to improve performance during short periods of sporting activity.

The Creatine Powder Super supplement   from  Activlab  is the highest-class creatine monohydrate powder available in as many as six sensational flavors (lemon, black currant, grapefruit, kiwi, orange, cherry). High micronization of the preparation – 200 mesh guarantees high bioavailability and the best results. The package  of Creatine Powder Super Activlab  contains as many as 83 servings of the conditioner.

For whom?

  • For competitive athletes
  • For people who want to increase muscle mass
  • For people exercising in the gym

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