6PAK Yummy Fruits in Jelly 300 grams Blackcurrant

ID: 6P021

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6PAK Yummy Frużeliny is an explosion of taste without guilt! Juicy fruits immersed in soft, light jelly (Jelly) without added sugar will make every sweet meal a celebration and an event on the plate.

From now on, you can eat completely sin-free frugellins, which taste exactly like homemade preserves, and at the same time contain much less sugar compared to the products made by mom or grandmother. So why are Yummy’s frugelines still sweet? It’s simple – firstly, fruits are naturally sweet, and secondly, we used to sweeten, among other things, erythritol, i.e. sugar alcohol (polyol), is characterized by a low glycemic index, thanks to which, among other things, it is widely used in food for people who struggle with diabetes. We used it to make your meals calorie-free and make you happy at the same time. Because the diet should be tasty, not the backbone!

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