6PAK Syrup Zero Vanilla 400 ml

ID: 6P006

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High-quality syrup with a taste of fresh vanilla, the use of which completely changes the character of the dish! It also works well as an addition to various types of sheiks, pancakes, pancakes and other sweet dishes. Each serving is not only an amazing organoleptic sensation, it is also ZERO calories. The perfect choice for people struggling with the monotony of their diet! 

6PAK Nutrition Syrup ZERO VANILLA – if you are looking for a syrup, the use of which will not adversely affect the calorific value of your dishes – you just found it! Very good taste and flavor of vanilla will definitely appeal to you. It works well as an addition to pancakes, desserts, pancakes and many other dishes – the only thing that restricts your culinary skills. The non-caloric nature of the proposed syrup makes it can be successfully used by people who are slimming or limiting the calorie content of their dishes.