6PAK Syrup Zero 500ml Chocolate Coconut

ID: 6P020

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6PAK SYRUP ZERO chocolate-coconut is a syrup with a chocolate-coconut flavor. It is a product that does not contain fat and saturated fat. It is also a sauce in which you will not find sugars, and a portion (5 ml) is 0 calories.

The family of sauces and syrups from 6PAK has grown again – another delicious product has joined this noble group. ZERO chocolate-coconut syrup, a chocolate-coconut-flavored sauce, is the perfect option to diversify your menu!

Do you like the taste of chocolate with the characteristic addition of coconut?
It is a delicious and aromatic combination that will appeal to even the greatest gourmets. It is with them in mind that the new SYRUP ZERO chocolate-coconut was created, i.e. a sauce with a chocolate-coconut flavor. The characteristic flavor will surely be a great complement to snacks and desserts. Don’t limit yourself, add a portion of this sauce to your dish and enjoy its unique taste! In addition, you must know that a serving of SYRUP ZERO from 6PAK will not increase the caloric value of your meal – is it not the perfect choice?

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